We’re going on an invertebrate hunt…

Mrs Benson’s Science Club have been hunting for living things in the school playground. Look at what we found!

Wedding Music Practice Tracks

Year 4 at Hyning Hall

What an AMAZING time year 4 had a t Hyning Hall.

We were all very tired on our return after all the running around we had done (Mr Walton and myself included!).  A very big thank you to the Bernadine Sister at Hyning Monastry for their hospitality and wonderful cooking, I can honestly say I have never been so well fed.

We were very lucky to have Trisha and Amy from the Castlerigg team with us on Wednesday. They played some games with us and we learnt about the Good News and how to be good disciples. We loved being outside that much that we even did our drama work in the gardens!

I am immensely proud of the children; not only for their impeccable behaviour and manners but also because of how well they worked and played together over the three days. The sisters were so impressed they wanted them to stay! The children really were a credit to the school,to their parents and their families. A huge thank you and well done to all the boys and girls in year 4.

Please have a look at the selection of photographs from our trip and leave us a comment!

Mrs Benson


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Governors Response to Parental Questionnaire

Cathedral Catholic Primary School Parental Questionnaire
Autumn 2014 – Responses from Governors

Governors have discussed questions raised from the parental questionnaire.  Responses are given where a query has been raised more than once.

We asked parents to think of up to two ways that the school can be improved

You asked for: More sports – competitive, use of other sports fields

The school has investigated the possibility of using fields and sports facilities in the surrounding area but has not yet been able to come up with a feasible option.  Due to Health and Safety regulations imposed on us from outside agencies and time constrictions of the curriculum set by the government it is not as simple as deciding we would like to walk up the hill to use the fields or walking to another school.  Please be assured that we continue to work on this issue and we are doing the best we can to ensure the children experience playing sports on a field where possible.  A timetable of planned competitions and events has been set by the School Sports Network and we will be attending as many as we possibly can over the year.  If any parents are willing to put their names forward as volunteers for transporting children to sporting events please contact Mrs Benson to find out more details.

You asked for: More written evidence of the progress pupils make i.e. levels on school reports.

The school is moving over to a new assessment system and will be feeding back to parents with details of progress children have made based on the new terminology within that system.  The current ‘levels’ will no longer be used.

You asked for: Improved school dinners

The school now has a new cook and feedback from children and staff is very good.  Additionally there is a morning tuck shop for KS2 serving toast and crumpets; fruit is also available for KS1 & KS2.

You asked for: More afterschool activities

The school has recently hosted bingo nights, film nights and discos.  All after school clubs are led by staff as are the majority of the social events.  The governing body feel that the teachers commit a huge amount of time to extra curricula activities and are unable to run more events without more active support from parents.

You asked for: Advance notice of planned events

A list of dates for the year is sent out and the weekly newsletter also informs of forthcoming events.

You asked for: More computers per student

There are 10 iPads in KS1, 10 iPads in KS2 and each classroom also has a minimum of four laptops.  We are gradually increasing technology as budget constraints allow.

You asked for: Help for brighter children rather than using T.A.s for children who can’t speak English or who are at a lower level.

This is a misconception; T.A.s are employed to support the learning of all children.  Higher ability children also receive interventions and are challenged and targeted in class.

You asked for: More updates on child’s progress

Parents have two parents’ evenings and a full written school report annually as is standard with all primary schools.  There is also an open door policy where teachers will always see parents after school if required.

You asked for more focus on reading – changing books more often

There is now more focus on reading.  There is a new subject leader, specifically for reading, and an English consultant has also been employed to provide further training.

The school’s website is updated regularly showcasing children’s activities.  Please take the time to log on and have a look:
ww iconhttp://lancastercathedralschool.org

We are also on facebook please ‘like’ us on there.

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We value parents’ views and opinions and have taken on board the responses.  In addition to the suggestions for improvement, given above, we have also received many positive comments.  We are continually seeking to improve and have strategies in place within the school action plan to enable us to do so.  The governors wish to thank to all of the parents who took the time to complete the questionnaire and also all of the staff who work tirelessly to provide children with the best education possible.

Kind Regards

The Governing Body

Easter Egg Raffle

Thanks to everyone who took part in this year’s Lenten Easter Egg raffle.

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Donations of Spare Wool Greatly Appreciated

As one final fling before moving on to begin her teacher training, Miss Dempsey has volunteered to do the annual Cathedral School bungee jump. As always, the jump begins from the Cathedral spire and, depending on wind-direction, usually ends in the canal or one of the trees in the school playground.

Due to funding issues, this year’s bungee cord will be knitted by our very own Miss Goddard and the harness will be knitted by Mrs Lowe. After raiding the art-cupboard, we are still drastically short of wool. This is where we need your help.


Any wool at all (school colours preferable, but any will do) will be greatly appreciated and should be handed in to Mrs Drummond in the office as soon as possible.

As always, thank you.

Looking for hard workers? Come to Hayhurst Class!

Hayhurst Class have been hard at work writing their non-chronological reports about Bavaria. They have really impressed Mrs Benson with their positive attitude and great work ethic. Keep up the amazing work year 4!

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The washing of the feet in Clitherow

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Year One have been looking at the story of Easter. We looked at one particular part of the story, when Jesus washed the Disciples’ feet. Then we had a circle time where we heard the story of ‘Jesus in one piece of paper’ courtesy of Mrs. Parker! Once we thought about how we will wash and clean our friend’s hands and feet, we all had a go.

To finish our worship time we used the Oil of Gladness to bless our palms, before we buried the oil in the earth outside.

All in all a lovely afternoon in Clitherow class.